It was Sep 2014 when I reached office one day (I used to work from home most of the time) when my friends and colleagues Bhushan and Rohan informed me that they were planning to apply for Canada immigration and that they went to meet a Canadian immigration lawyer who was in Bangalore a day before. They were quite excited and said that the people who apply before Dec 2014 would have great chances of getting through than those who apply Jan 2015 onward for two reasons – CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) is accepting 25 K applications in 2014 against 50 NOC codes and from Jan 2015 a new program called Express Entry will come into effect that is more tougher than the existing policy.

Both were trying to book the IELTS exam slots none were available at that time in entire India that could help them in meeting Dec 2014 deadline. A few slots used to open up upon cancellation but they used to get booked within minutes. They asked me whether I am interested in applying. Though I had one of my closest friends, Amit, in Canada for past 15 years and in spite of him trying to convince me several times to apply, I never tried to do so. My wife, my daughter (who was in 6th grade then) and I were never interested in immigrating to any other country. So I immediately told both of my friends that I am not interested and requested them to go ahead without me. Three of us used to meet about 3 times in office during coffee breaks and both of them used to discuss about the IELTS slots opening and then disappearing after sometime. It was a time when they had to book the slots immediately to avoid missing Dec 2014 deadline.

The next day when I reached office and met my friends during coffee break, both of them were at the same stage and were discussing about opening and disappearing of IELTS slots. I suggested them to bring their laptops and join me in a conference room. Now, three of us are sitting in a conference room with laptops. My friends again insisted me to rethink. I called my wife, explained the situation and asked her opinion because it was a gamble of roughly about USD 4500 at that time (all expenses included). I always had plans to have my daughter complete her higher studies from US and I told my wife that in case we immigrate to Canada we’ll be closer to our daughter while she’ll do her higher studies from US or Canada. She agreed during the call and I decided to apply. Now three of us with our credit cards ready were geared up to book the IELTS slots as soon as any slot opened in any city. We kept refreshing the IELTS website in individual laptops and as soon as we saw any slot available, we booked the slots and made the payment. Bhushan and Rohan got the slots in Mumbai on two different dates whereas I got the slot in Hyderabad which was about two weeks later than my friends’. So, I was already late by two weeks than my friends.

This was the time when three of us got serious about filing our applications. I always felt that until you have something important at stake, you keep postponing. This is why, I insisted on paying the IELTS fee so that we cross the first hurdle and start moving toward our goal. Exactly the same happened and our things started rolling. The next milestone was clearing the IELTS exam with minimum score required for filing the application. We all booked our air / train tickets because our exam center was in another city. Bhushan and Rohan cleared the IELTS with good score and now I was the only one still waiting for the test date. I have two dogs, Bruno (Labrador – 5 yrs old then) and Buddy (Doberman – 2 yrs old then). Both my wife and I had to go to Hyderabad on two consecutive days because IELTS is conducted on two days. Since we did not want our daughter and our dogs to stay alone at home, we left from Bangalore to Hyderabad by flight in the morning, took the written test came back to Bangalore the same night and again left next day early in the morning and came back in the evening after taking speaking test. I then waited for the IELTS result before continuing further application process. In the mean time, Bhushan and Rohan had started their process of getting the certificates attested by the university because it was a lengthy process of about two weeks. After about three weeks, my wife and I got the IELTS result and we were relieved that we cleared it. Now it was the time for me to start the process of getting my certificates attested.

My friends had decided to file their application through Immigration Lawyer. The charges were

about CAD 2800 per person. I asked my friend Amit whether I should do the same but he suggested me to file my application myself. Here, I started on a different track i.e. filing my application myself whereas my colleagues started the communication with the immigration lawyer in Canada through email. I called my university and checked with them about the certificates’ attestation process. I got to know that the process takes about two weeks in my university as well. I didn’t have that much time left before the Dec 2014 deadline. So I decided to take a chance. I booked my return flight tickets from Bangalore to Pune for the same day. I reached my university with my original certificates and two sets of certificates’ copies. I met the clerk at assistant registrar office, explained my situation and requested him to attest the photocopies of my certificates immediately. To my luck, he agreed to do so and called me after two hours to collect the documents. I was free by lunch time and my flight was at 8:00 PM. So I called one of my college mates who used to live in Pune. We met after about 15 years and had a good time in the evening before taking flight back to Bangalore. I sent the attested copies of my certificates to WES for credentials assessment and in the mean time started compiling other documents – all CIC forms, birth certificates, photos, passport photocopies and experience certificates etc.

All my documents and CIC forms were ready and as soon as I received the credentials assessment certificate from WES, my packet was ready to be couriered to CIC Canada. We all had about 14+ years of experience and therefore our experience was matching with three different NOC codes. Here we did some analysis on CIC website. CIC, though not frequently, keeps updating on its website the number of applications received against each NOC codes. Two out of three NOC codes were filling out fast and almost touching the ceiling of 1000 applications whereas third NOC code which was also matching perfectly with our work experience was filling quite slower than other two. So we all decided to file our application against that NOC code. My friends had to send their packets to the immigration lawyer in Toronto whereas I had to send my packet directly to CIC Nova Scotia. It was about Dec 15th when our application was received by CIC and we were happy that we made it just before CIC staff starts going for Christmas vacations.

Then the long waiting period started…

In April, 2015, I received an email from Warsaw office stating that my application was received by CIC Nova Scotia on Dec 15th and that I can now check my application status online. I was the first one who got this acknowledgement followed by Bhushan who got similar email that was forwarded to him by Immigration Lawyer’s office. This email was the confirmation that all the required documents were received and our application was under process. After a couple of days, Rohan too got the acknowledgement email, not from Warsaw but from Columbo, Sri Lanka office.

In about five weeks after receiving above-mentioned email from Warsaw office, I got another email from Warsaw office with three medical forms attached that I along-with my family had to take to the hospital for getting our medical checkup done.


While Bhushan too got his medical forms from Warsaw office after me, Rohan had to wait for about two months to get his medical forms. This was a slightly tough time for him because he started losing hope. But finally he too got the medical forms and all three of us got the invitation to apply for the visa through VFS. I got the visa in May 2015 whereas Bhushan got it in June 2015 and Rohan got it in Sep 2015.

I want to thank Bhushan for convincing both Rohan and me to apply. To know more about what happened further read pages <My First Short-Landing Experience In Canada>, <Our Experience While Relocating Permanently To Canada>, < The Reasons That Made Me To Re-Think & Take Plunge>, <How I Brought My Two Dogs From India To Canada> and <My First Four Months In Canada>


29 thoughts on “How I Filed Application and Became a Permanent Resident of Canada

  1. Hey,
    quite useful information, on the most practical side. We also are looking to migrate and thought to check with if you would be okay to respond to a few queries that we have around it. It would be great if we could connect via email/whatsapp.



  2. I might be asking too much, however, your articles are really helpful. We wanted to know if you could suggest/refer to some consultant who could help us in finding a job in Canada.



    1. There are several job consultants and a few main ones are as below:
      1) SI Systems
      2) Brain Hunters
      3) TEEMA Group
      4) Robert Half
      5) Ian Martin

      The best way is to register on their website’s career section


  3. Could you let us know how much actual expenses you incurred for the PR process (I asked here a local consultant and they say inclusive of their fee, for family of three, including one 5 yrs old, would charge 3.5lacs INR.

    Also, How much funds do we need to show in bank and how much time can we get to arrange those funds. Is there any work around as we only decided now, but invested in property just a month ago.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. I did not pay to any consultant. Whatever is the official fee, I paid only that much. I guess it is around $18,000. Please check CIC website for exact amount. I had applied in older system and not in Express Entry. Please check CIC website for latest info as the rules keep changing


  4. Hi read ur blog . Very useful information. One thing I don’t understand how was the selection process back in 2014. As u referred that if NOC was met, tats enough and what was ur IELTS score . I scored L-8.5, W-6 , R-7.5, S-8 . Yet we don’t qualify . As the required is CLB 9 in all categories. Kind of a headache writing this exam., but u finished in a jiff . So can u share it IELTS experience and how u got the PR so quick . Thanks in advance.


    1. I am assuming that you applied in 2014 but didn’t get the PR. If so, the only reason I see is the NOC you would have applied in probably had many applicants and by the time your application would have reached CIC, the quota of that NOC was probably full. Your IELTS score had no problem. My IELTS score was similar or might be slightly below in a couple of sections. We researched quite a bit and out of three NOCs where our skill sets were matching, we applied in the NOC which had least applicants as updated on CIC website. Hope this answers your question


      1. Thanks for the update. I’m applying through the Express Entry System, which seems to be completely different from the selection process earlier. I opened file by January. Have submitted all document . I’m now in a score of 383 , have to reappear for exam. Required score is R-7, S-7, W-7, L-8. I missed it on my Writing earlier. So reappearing for the exam. Hope to score well. Fingers crossed. If I meet this CLB then my score would be 447. Its a huge jump.
        Thanks again for ur guidance.
        Any doubt , will come back.


      2. Hello Alok,, your blogs are awesome to understand and read.
        Appreciate if you would be able to let us know what is the site that gives information about the NOC and corresponding number of applications received at CIC.
        This would also help me to fit my NOC accordingly as my age is 40 and then the CRS score doesn’t reach to the current requirement. thanks in advance


  5. What is the best resource/guidance to prepare for IELTS Exam? Roughly how long to prepare before taking a IELTS Exam timeslot?


    1. The best resource is to prepare with the CD that comes with the book once you register for IELTS and pay the fee. I have done the preparation in 3 weeks.


  6. Hi, U are giving a very great informations.Tks.
    I am 39 & my husband is 42.We are planning to apply for Canada PR visa.Do you think applying at late age would be difficulty in getting Job?we both have 15 years of work experience.


    1. Sorry Sushma for late reply. I missed your message. We moved at the same age as yours. So I don’t see that an issue but it is up to you guys if you are okay to start the job probably at the lower level than what you are currently at. Other than that I don’t see any issue. Please do some research about what kind of job you are looking for and how the job market is in that area before coming


  7. Hi! Alok,

    Hope you are doing great.

    I am 45 and my wife is 40, residing in Delhi, I am in real estate business and my wife is a human resource professional in a job, doing fairly well but whenever we return from our vacations abroad we always wish to migrate either to Canada or Australia…years are passing away but we are not able to take decision as we are scared that the other side of grass which looks too green on holiday, may not be when we shift …we both are ready to take challenge, slog out for an year or 2 for better lifestyle and definitely earning good.

    Your feedback is very important for us to finally decide…… is it worth migrating without job offer to Canada for people doing well in India….are the things really better…kindly share your views.

    Thanks & regards,



    1. Hi Mandy, I can understand your situation. My first suggestion would be to take an eligibility test for Canada Immigration using following link.
      The process now is more favorable for young unmarried individuals than for people at our age. Not sure about Australia though.
      It is good that you are prepared to slog out for a year or two and if that is the case you would do definitely well if both you and your wife are working. As I suggest every one, come with good saving, keep that as a backup and search for a survival job immediately after landing.
      The country is definitely awesome and you can achieve better lifestyle if you can give some time because initial days could be really challenging financially. Once you get a better understanding about the real estate market here or something related where you decide to make your career in, you may come up with some business ideas. You might not be able to make good money or save enough if you just do the job. To give you an idea, your combined income could be between 3 to 5K per month if both of you just do the job. But this is sufficient for a couple to enjoy a decent life here.
      Good Luck!!


  8. Hi Alok,
    Can you please help us understand the prospects of pharmaceutical jobs there? Do you know specific consultants for Pharma jobs? Have you seen Pharma guys migrating to Canada in the last 2 years?


    1. I don’t know of any pharma guys but the job prospects are good in this field here. You may have to take some course before you become eligible to work in this field though. Check out on as this website aggregates all the jobs posted online and shows you at one place.


  9. First of all, Thank you for your articles. They are fabulous and quite useful. I am hitting 44 in couple of months. Is it possible to get started with PR process now? Considering my age, I believe i need to have the top most scores in IELTS and I end up messing up in one or other paths (reading or writing). What do you suggest?


  10. Im Really impressed with this Blog! It is so real and helpful…..have been searching for such valuable content for a while and landed up here. I can see it is well drafted to the realities back in India with the “relational” issues in Canada and bridging the gap quite well..

    Appreciate the good work….please dont let this die! Remember so many people are getting inspired with the information out here!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi Alok,

    I and my husband are 40 and though we top in IELTS , it is difficult to relax the present the CRS which is around 460. We both are into IT industry and I have a thought of taking up a 1 year diploma course while spouse can come on open work permit if I have a student visa.My question is will I get an admission with an education gap of 20 years and if I get admission, how much chances I have to get the student visa.And overall is it a good idea to come as a student? Your suggestion will be of great help.
    Thank you so much


    1. Regarding getting admission after a gap of 20 years: If you can tell me which course / university you would like to apply for, I can call the university admission office and confirm. Also I would suggest you to search for the admission office’s email id on the university’s website and write to them. It’s always good to get the answer in writing.

      I can only provide some guidance about the job market and life here in Canada but can’t help regarding visa requirements. You’ll have to do the research.



  12. OMG…..the process was sooo simple? made it. I was just experiencing all your joy and worries while reading this entire story. At the end, I was very happy as if i have got the PR…


  13. Hi Alok, very nice site you have here, thank you so much to share your experiences.

    I’m a 48 years old Computer Engineer with a Master Degree from Chile. I’m married and we have two kids of 7 and 9 years old. My wife and I had been thinking about to study a year in Canada and look for a Job in the IT industry to settled over there. How hard is that? It is possible to get a job in that area, as a programmer for example, and start over? Thank you so much for your advice


    1. Thanks Jorge, I don’t see any problem that you may have to face. If you have good programming skills, I am sure you can get a job in about 1 to 3 months. A good resume highlighting the skills as per job requirements and good interview preparation can surely help. Start registering on Indeed, and other websites like and related. Good luck

      Liked by 1 person

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