I received Canadian Immigrant Visa in May 2015 and the validity of this visa was one year from the date of our medical tests. It is a requirement that persons holding immigrant visa must land physically in Canada within this one year period to avoid losing the opportunity of becoming permanent resident of Canada. Therefore I had to plan my visit along-with my family members before May 2016.

I was working in an MNC in Bangalore as a Software Project Manager. I owned a 3500 sq ft villa in outskirts of Bangalore where I was living with my family – wife, a daughter studying in 8th grade and two adorable dogs a Labrador (7 yrs old) and a Doberman (4 yrs old). The life was going smooth and we were pretty much in our comfort zone. During the same time I also started a Woodworking and Patio Furniture business with the support of my wife. See the Facebook Page of our business that has been taken over by a new company. Both of us really worked very hard and this business was an instant hit. It was running at its full potential and I was looking for investors so that I could scale up this business. Therefore I kept postponing the plan of visiting / moving to Canada. At a point, I even started thinking of losing this opportunity because we were doing well in business. But my friends and colleagues, Bhushan and Rohan insisted that I at least visit Canada, do a short landing, complete the documentation formalities and then come back so that I keep this PR option alive for next couple of years.

I thought about it but still delayed the visit till the last moments. Finally, I booked my tickets to Edmonton, AB in April 2016 where my Friend Amit used to live for past several years. I planned for a short-landing of about a week in Amit’s home. I was also excited to meet my old friend Amit after about a decade. This was also the first time in last 7 years when both my wife and I had to travel out of Bangalore together because we never left our dogs alone. So this time, my wife requested her parents to visit us for about ten days and while we were away, they took care of our dogs.

Then the big day came when three of us, my wife, my daughter and I left for Edmonton. This was the first time in past 7 years when we were travelling together and that too to Canada. We were more excited for international family trip and to meet my old time friend than for becoming a Canadian PR. Amit was also very excited because this was the first time one of his friends in India was visiting him in Canada. We took a Lufthansa flight from Bangalore to Frankfurt and Air Canada from Frankfurt to Calgary and then to Edmonton. It was a long journey of about 27 hours. Since Calgary was the first airport in Canada where we landed, we had to go through immigration formalities in Calgary airport. I had all my documents in one folder that I was carrying.

I had travelled several times to US in the past on business visa and therefore I was expecting an arrogant immigration officer at Calgary airport too who would ask a lot of questions such as purpose of travel and where we are going to stay etc. So when our turn came, we headed to one of the officer and I started to pull out my folder. She then politely asked whether I was a new immigrant to which I replied, yes. She then directed us to another office on the back side which is dedicated for PRs. We were second in the queue and there were about 4 desks that were already busy. When our turn came, we headed to one of the desks where the officer greeted us and said “Welcome to Canada”. By now, I started changing my perception about the Canadian immigration officers. The officer asked for our COPR forms and passports. The immigrant visa was single entry visa and the officer crossed the visa with black sketch pen and put some seals on our COPR forms. It took about 10 minutes at that desk and we were done. Since the Calgary airport is not as busy as Toronto’s or Vancouver’s, the entire process i.e. from exiting the aircraft till clearing the immigration took about 45 minutes.

We took our luggage and checked in again to Edmonton. We roamed around at the airport for some time and then took flight to Edmonton. It was a short flight of about 35 minutes and we reached Edmonton finally where my friend Amit was waiting to receive us. When we reached home, we received a warm welcome by Amit’s wife and kids, a Champagne bottle ready to be opened and a cake ready for cutting followed by Johnny Walker Black Label bottle and an awesome dinner. We

had a blast that night and next several nights daily. Though it was summer, the temperature varied between 4 deg C during the night to 14 deg C during day time.

This was one of the best times of my life when I enjoyed to the fullest. On a couple of occasions another friend of Amit and Amit’s sister and brother-in-law also joined us. Amit’s brother-in-law was the first one to move to Toronto way back in 2001 followed by Amit who moved in 2002. They lived in Toronto for about five years and then moved to Edmonton. We had discussed on different aspects of Canadian life and advantages / disadvantages of moving to Canada.

After six days of wonderful stay, it was a time to say goodbye to my friend. It was tough because till that point, I was completely uncertain whether I’ll be back and move permanently. I told him that we’ll keep thinking about it and also keep him updated.

Our first flight back was from Edmonton to Calgary. For some reason, all three of us got seats on different rows. While my daughter sat next to the cabin crew lady on the first row, I sat somewhere on the back side and my wife in another row. It gave me some free time to replay the discussions during past few days in my mind and to do some mental financial calculations. When we all reached at Calgary airport and met, I told my wife that I made up my mind to take the plunge and move to Canada as early as possible. I have summarized The Reasons That Made Me To Re-Think & Take Plunge in a separate page.

While my daughter sat next to cabin crew they had some conversations during half an hour flight. The lady appreciated about my daughter’s ability to converse and command over English language.

From Calgary, we took flight back to Frankfurt and then to Bangalore. We reached home early morning where our dogs welcomed us.

10 thoughts on “My First Short-Landing Experience 

  1. Hi, we are planning a short landing too and have some questions. Did you took proof of funds for this short landing? Did they asked you anythonh about this? Did you need to explain that you were only staying for a week? My family and I will appreciate your comments. We are also uncertain about doing only a short landing first and then move permanently during the summer or moving all at once before our visa expires.


    1. Yes, I carried proof of funds when I did short landing but no one asked me to show that. No explanation required about how long your stay is going to be. They may ask you in general and you can tell them your plan or else you can say that you’ll look around and search for the job. Based on my experience, though it took sometime for me to get the job, I should have moved all at once without doing short landing. So my suggestion would be to move along with your family but keep at least about $25K as a backup. If you are planning to move to Ontario, you may not have to wait till summer as in Ontario the weather is not as harsh as it is in other provinces


  2. Hi ,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Have you received your PR number by taking the short landing process to get PR number.


  3. Dear Alok Ji, You are doing a great job of helping people through your blog. As you have written that you summarized the reasons for permanently moving to Canada in a separate page but I could not find the page. Would you kindly let me know………………….. Thanks a lot


    1. Hi Abhijit, thanks for reminding me. I guess I thought of writing such page but forgot to do so for some reason. I’ll write it this or following week for sure.


  4. Hi Alok,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I am 45 years young and my wife is 44 years. We have a son of 4+ years.
    My wife is a web/software developer/programmer with 20 years of experience.
    Currently, she is working as Head of Web Design & Development in an Irish MNC in India. She is has an MBA degree in International Business.
    I have been working as Executive Assistant to CMD in an Indian MNC. I have 20+ years of diverse experience in both government and the private sector in India. I am a Law Graduate. Currently, I am in the process of starting my own consultancy firm.
    My sister in law (my wife’s only sister) immigrated to the USA in 2005 and married to an American.
    Now she is an American citizen. My in-laws are spending half of every year in the USA….

    Recently my wife becomes extremely interested to immigrate to Canada……

    Kindly suggest

    1. Would it be a good decision to immigrate to Canada ….. ?
    2. What would be our chances to get PR and job in Canada…..?
    3. During her Freelancing days (In 2008) my wife worked for a Canadian firm/client for 2+ years. Will that be of any help?
    4. In 2012, she worked for an Australian company (from India) as their full-time employee and she used to get the salary in Australian Dollar transferred to her Indian bank Account. Would that be of any help?
    5. Which city in Canada should be our target (My wife’s cousin is living in Edmonton)?

    Sorry to put you in trouble asking so many questions……



  5. I liked when you wrote 45 yrs young and not ‘old’ :). First of all go through the following link and check your eligibility (if not done that already) to apply to get an idea. In the questions related to IELTS score, put some numbers 7 or above in each section and see whether you would be eligible to apply. Let me know the outcome and then we can discuss further here.


  6. Hello Alok Ji,
    Its good to read about your experience. I am a Prof in Delhi and would like to work in canada. Do you think that its good idea to immigrate there when I am a single parent of 8 year old child. What according to you ,would be chances of getting a same field job of Lecturership there?


    1. Hi Sheron, this is a licensed profession in Canada and you will have to work toward that before searching for the job. You can do some research to get more details


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