This page contains very useful information mostly for the people who have just moved or are planning to move to Canada within two months and have some Software / IT experience. If I omit some special cases (outliers), for example people having greatest or worst luck, the following info will definitely work for most of the people.

The first step (this can even start several days before landing in Canada) is to prepare your resume, not just one, but at least two different versions based on your specific skill-sets. For example, if you have some development, testing and project management experience, prepare three versions of resumes, highlighting only one in each version. Mention about other two as well in each version but focus only one at a time. While preparing these, do some research here and learn about the kind of requirements, tools and keywords that are generally advertised. Learn about Agile / Scrum process which is highly desired in Canada and highlight the same in your resume. Once you have your resumes ready, register here and here and upload your resume. Now the question arises which version of resume to upload first. The thumb rule is that you should target the one first which is in greater demand in the city you are planning to move. To check that, do some research here. Other than this, keep refining the resumes and applying directly on the job-listings that are matching with your skill-sets.

The second step is to take one local number of Canada which you can mention in your resume. There are several VOIP phone vendors online through which you can take a Canadian local number. A few vendors will even give you an option to select a Canadian city and you can choose your phone number’s first three digit based on the city you are planning to move to. Once you get a local number, mention the same in your resume. In case you get a call from any hiring consultants, you can inform them about your plan and request them to schedule an interview over the phone / Skype. One of my friends followed this path and he had one confirmed offer while sitting in his home country and another offer was in pipeline. Within a week after he landed in Canada, he received another offer which was in pipeline before. So he finally negotiated on the salary and joined second company. The best thing with the VOIP phone number is that you might be able to convert it as your permanent GSM number.

The third step is to start the process of getting your Class 7 GDL driver’s license. This too can be started while sitting in your home country. The first step of the driver’s license process is to pass a computer based test. You can download the booklet for preparation and some practice tests from here. Note this is for Alberta province only. For info about other provinces, you can search online.  After reaching Canada, make sure that you have an address proof at the earliest, such as rental agreement, utility bill and mailed bank statement etc. This is a must-have document for all official purposes. Once you have address proof and photo ID such as passport / PR card, you can visit any nearby registry office and take computer based test. Prepare well because most of the people fail in the first attempt. For more info about driver’s license process and about tests, ask questions using the comments section below.

The fourth step, that can progress in parallel to your job search and your driver’s license process, is to complete other documentation processes such as SIN, Bank Accounts, Credit Card and Health Card. Also, start using your credit card immediately so that you start building your credit history, which is very important while applying for any mortgage and even for getting a few jobs. There are a few financial institutions who recruit people (even for software related jobs) with good credit history of at least 6 months or a year.

If you are coming with your family, your monthly expenses are going to be at least $3000.  This amount will start leaking monthly as soon as you land in Canada and if your luck is not in your favor then very soon you would be down by at least $10 K to $15 K. So based on my learning your fifth step should be to search for a survival job immediately. There are a few companies such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot who give preference to new immigrants. By applying on their website, you and your spouse both should be able to easily get a part-time job (work hours of less than 30 hrs per week) as a cashier / sales person within 4 to 6 weeks. This process too can be started a week before moving to Canada and if you do so, you’ll be able to save some time. If you have any questions about this, please leave a question using the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.

So if you follow the steps as mentioned above, you should be able to get all your documentation and Class 7 GDL driver’s license ready within 2 weeks time. As soon as you get Class 7 GDL driver’s license, start taking driving classes immediately for getting your Class 5 GDL driver’s license. Without Class 5 GDL, you won’t be able to drive alone. The driving classes will prepare you for driving test required for Class 5 driver’s license. This process may take about 2 weeks more and as soon as you have your Class 5 driver’s license, you can buy your first car (used or new one based on your financial health). So by the time you are ready to get work, whether desired job or survival job, you’ll have a car to drive to your work place.

I’ll keep on adding some good info on this page, keep track of it. Good luck!!

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  1. Good strategy. Thank you for the write up. How’d be the expenses for a single person like? Meaning, if I plan to move alone first, settle down with a good job and then bring in my family.

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    1. For a single person, a decent basement suite would be around $800 or you can get 1 bedroom studio apartment for $1200. Transit pass of $100, grocery of about $500, cell phone $50 and miscellaneous roughly about $150. So at least you would need $1500 to $1900.

      Another thing you can try is to take a room from AirBnB and there you may get a decent room in $600 per month if you are lucky.


      1. Hi,

        Since new immigrants don’t have any credit history, rental companies do not give them apartments.

        What can I do to get an apartment, I don’t like basements.



        1. Yeah, that could be a problem. A couple of solutions could be:
          1) If you have any friends / relatives, they can help you out. My friend was willing to give guarantee when I needed and the rental companies were okay with that
          2) If you are doing short landing and going back to your home country, you can get your accounts opened and get credit card while you are in Canada. Keep using that credit card for online shopping. This will build your credit history and when you are back in Canada after a few months, you don’t have to worry. One of my friends did exactly that
          3) You can offer more deposit money for example instead of one month, you could offer three months deposit.
          4) Generally in apartments, they’ll ask you to sign a lease for a year or for at least six months if you can negotiate. In worst case, you can offer to pay 6 months’ rent upfront and request for some discount. So for example, if the rent is $1200, for six months instead of paying $7200, you can offer to pay $7000 if you have that much spare amount


  2. Good article. Can you suggest how to get a good viop connection from India. I have already received an ITA and awaiting further processing.


    1. One of my friends tried Anveo ( You could try that if you want. I tried that too but I found it little complex. It provides a tool for some cool configuration. You may need some patience 🙂


      1. Hi Alok,

        Thanks for the update. Compared to your experience I found it a bit simple 🙂 to get a number via Anveo. I will be updating the same on my resume as well. Thanks again.

        I had one more query, as mentioned in one of your blogs that its better to start driving studies even before we land there, so my query is I am planning to move to Toronto. Can you suggest how do I go about preparing for the same. At present I have a valid driving license from India.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Chintan Maniar


        1. Regarding driving license in Canada, you will have to go thru written exam which gives you G1 License. Then 1 year waiting period starts where candidate need to attend the driving school and get the certificate and then appear for G2 License.
          But if you have a valid Indian Driving License, after passing G1 you can show that in the office and they will waive off the 1 year waiting period and you will be able to appear for G2 right away.


          1. Thanks a lot buddy. I have downloaded the drivers handbook and have started to study. Hopefully I shall be prepared by the time I land there.


  3. Hi Alok,
    I came across your answer on Quora and visited this website and found it very useful. though I am far from this process, but wondering why driver license is necessary at this stage? is it required for some jobs? Isn’t commuting through public transport convenient and cheap? may be new immigrant can apply for license at a later stage. what do you suggest?


    1. To take public transport, if it not close by, you may have to walk 500 m to 1 Km based on the distance from your home to transit stop. You’ll also have a constraint then to search for a house which is close to transit stop. For daily commute to office, it might be okay because mostly the offices are in downtown area and you’ll get good connectivity. But for doing grocery shopping (which could be slightly away from the transit stop) with several bags in hand and waiting for the bus to arrive in -20 deg C is quite difficult. Buying a second hand car for $6000 and monthly $50 gas would be much cheaper and convenient than spending $100 for transit pas per person. I have a car but I still use the transit for my daily commute because my office is in downtown and there the parking is very costly. But my wife uses the car because she has to take a train and a bus to reach at her work. The same case is with my daughter’s school as well. If your kids are small, they can get school bus otherwise they’ll have to take transit or arrange their own transport.
      So in my opinion, if you have a family, your own vehicle is a must but if you are alone then public transport should be okay


  4. Hi Alok
    The article is highly informative and shall prove to be helpful for new immigrants. I have a few questions and it would be great if you just help me with them.

    1. My application is already in the poll with CRS score of 432. I am waiting for the further draws.My work background falls under the NOC code 1123 Sales and Promotions Coordinator. I have both part time and full time experience in sales and marketing for about 2 years now. Will it be of any help to me?
    2. I plan to move to Canada in the following year, how much time would it take for me to find a slightly better job?
    3. I am 23, and will be moving there alone, although i have my maternal uncle there, but i would prefer staying on my own. Will it be difficult for me to adjust there?

    Having said that i would like to add that i’ve never been away from my home, what would be the problems that i’ll have to face once i move there?



    1. Thanks Aditi, I may not be able to answer first part of your question 1 as when I applied in 2015, it was older point system. Regarding other questions, my replies are as follows:

      1) Your part-time and full time both the experiences would help. I’ll repeat the same thing as I did in my blogs is make your resume strong by researching requirements as well as resumes on Indeed’s website. The first page of your resume should be answering exactly what the job requirement is asking for. Use similar keywords in your resume as mentioned in the requirement. This is the major step that shouldn’t go wrong

      2) The market here seems to be picking up after more than 3 yrs of slowdown and therefore you’ll have better chances. Make up your mind for six months but you never know you may even get immediately after landing. One of my friends got the job while sitting in his home country. Also, be open to take up any sales job in the beginning as it will put some weight in your resume in the form of Canadian experience

      3) Moving alone would not be a problem at all. Keep sufficient money to survive yourself for six months and buy some good winter clothing. That’s all you may have to worry about. My daughter who just passed 9th grade when she moved here and within a week she was travelling all alone using bus / train transit.

      I’ll keep posting new blogs on different subjects and that will help you for sure. Good luck!!


  5. Hi Alok, This is a nice narration and good place to find the relevant information.
    I have also acquired the Permanent Residency and did a short landing in Feb 2017. After the short landing, i came back to work in Europe and can stay here for long term- onshore from Indian IT Company.
    I have started looking for Jobs and have got thru 2 interviews. Got rejected in first and still awaiting for the result of second.

    My question is little different.
    It seems you have had a good set up back in India. Why did you choose to leave all that and move to Canada. After taking a huge risk and spending lot of money, you would have landed for a decent IT job which would pay you around 100k. Is it worth in long term?
    Another question is why did you chose Alberta to start with?
    By looking at your expense sheet which is almost 5k monthly, I don’t think there will be lot of room to save some.

    My confusion is, for me its going to be very similar here in Europe and Canada both. But Canada being English speaking country, i would prefer that.
    But apart from that, i am always questioning my decision. So i am looking for pointers to take a better informed decision.


    1. I chose to move to Canada for the following reasons:

      1) Daughter’s Education: Even though there are several good colleges in India post grade 12th, the acceptance rate, due to severe competition, of top colleges is very less. For example, the acceptance rate of IITs is 0.7% whereas it is between 17% to 30% (for various courses) in UoT (University of Toronto), which is one of the best universities in the world. Even if she studies in US, I’ll be closer to her.

      2) If both you and your wife (one in IT and other in non IT job) work 8 out of 12 months (considering 4 months of non employment per year) and make around $80 – $90 per hour combined, will make around $90 – $100 K (after taxes i.e. ~15% for self employed people) per year. Over this, if you can manage to buy an apartment, that will cost you around $250 K in Alberta, you can save on rent as well. You can do the math now. Also, if you have small kids, you don’t have to worry about their education fee.

      3) In Alberta, availability of jobs is lesser than that in Ontario or BC. But the hourly rates are much better and affordability of houses is more. I landed in AB because my friend was here but I am open to relocate anywhere based on the job requirement.

      I hope it does make sense Saurabh?


      1. Those are very valid points. I never thought about point #1 but this point alone is enough to make a decision.
        Thank you for your response.


    1. Start this process 7-10 days before the landing. The first step is prepare a simple resume which could be much toned down version of your current resume. If you have any sales / retail experience, highlight that. You can get some idea about preparing such resume by checking online. Once you have that ready, start applying on the company website’s career section. Make sure you login to Canadian website. While applying, check the application deadline and make sure that once the deadline is over, you should be physically present in Canada. Good luck!!


  6. Hi Alok . I will be moving to Calgary this month . Although I am a btech (IT) graduate but have no experience . I am planning to take up short training/ course in IT that would fetch me a decent job . Could you please guide me with some information about job openings that are in demand in Calgary and also what is the best course i can take as a startup to my career in IT?


    1. Welcome to Calgary Nihal. If you want to do any course from a good college / university, if not already have, please get your credentials assessment done. Also, if you do not have your IELTS score, you’ll have to get CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) for English language. If you don’t get the minimum score, I guess CLB 7 out of 8 or equivalent, you may have to first do their English language course. Taking CLB test is free for the first time for new immigrants and that is pretty easy to get good score. Check websites of a couple of universities such as SAIT and Calgary University about their prerequisites for different courses. There are other institutes available and that may not require this as a prerequisite.

      Another thing you should do is to apply for police background check because that would be required if you want to do any volunteer work in parallel, for example in Calgary Library. For getting this done, you can visit any police office in person and apply. The charges are around $25 and the process takes about 2-3 weeks. I can help you in getting the volunteer work once you get the police clearance letter OR you can even save this 25 bucks, I’ll let you know how once you make up your mind. You can spend some extra time at library during your free time and it’ll give you a chance to network with people – library staff and other visitors.

      As mentioned in my blogs, getting into QA related jobs is easier than other areas for an IT graduate. You can do a related course, for example, any test automation tool such as Selenium / Load Runner etc. But for a person without any IT experience, getting a first job could be a challenge. Good luck!!


      1. Dear Alok,
        Thanks for the blog. Right now I am preparing for Canadian Immigration. Currently I am employed in US as QA Lead on H1b visa. Is there any way where I can apply for QA jobs in Canada from US? Also, how easy / hard is to get QA job for me as I do not have Canadian work experience?

        Thanks in advance!


        1. Hi Mohan, I am not sure how far away you are from getting into Canada legally. When you are about a month away, you can start applying for the QA jobs in Canada through and It should be fairly easy provided the skills required match. Not having Canadian experience in your case should not be an issue.


          1. Hi Alok,

            My Canada PR process is in progress. But after reading Quora about how difficult it is to get job in Canada it is really discouraging.

            I have 9.3 years of Software Testing Experience (Mainly Manual and some amount of Automation)

            Realistically how easy is it to get QA job in Canada?

            Also if you have any Canada QA Resume format please do share.


            1. I also keep reading the experiences on Quora and to some extent they are true. But the point is I want to understand what kind of background the people have who are facing tough situations. For people with good IT background, I don’t think it ever takes more than 3-4 months to get the job now a days. Following are the key points to keep in mind:

              1) Customize your resume for each requirements and highlight the matching requirements.
              2) Prepare well for the interviews mainly the behavioral questions. The questions like “what did you do in a situation…..”
              3) GTA market is very competitive and people are ready to work @25$ per hour for QA positions whereas I have seen people earning between @ 45$ to 75$ per hour in Alberta. Therefore, I would suggest that explore opportunities in locations other than GTA.

              You can visit Indeed website and search for resumes. There is no particular format. Start with summary of your skills on the first page and highlight skills matching with the requirements. From second page onward, mention all the relevant projects and tools you have used.

              Good luck!!


  7. I have an enquiry, we are looking for some places other than Vancouver and Toronto to start our journey in Canada and if possible settle there too. I liked Calgary and Edmonton when I searched, but one of my distant friend is heavily discouraging me on that, her point is recession and every company is closing down there, no job. I wanted to know your opinion. Is Calgary a bad place to move as a new immigrant? As an immigrant we need to be prepared to face adversity but I am afraid to spend all my savings there, finding no job and then move to someplace else. My partner is a software developer, need your valuable suggestion on IT related field’s job scenario there.


    1. Your friend’s discouragement is absolutely right regarding the recession but that is mainly in Oil & Gas / Energy sector. There are lots of QA jobs in banks, government organizations and in telecom companies. I moved to Edmonton, got the job after 3 months in Calgary. I moved to Calgary, worked in one company for 4 months and before my contract was supposed to end in 2 months, I switched to another longer term contract recently. You should be able to definitely get the job but be prepared for 3 to 6 months waiting period. You can try uploading your resume using link at the top of this page and I can try to help. Also let me know when you are planning to arrive.

      I guess that both you and your partner are in IT. If this is correct, I am quite sure that one of you should get the job within 3 months. Also, try to apply for jobs in stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot etc before you move. This should help you in losing your savings.


      1. Thanks a lot for the insights. We are currently waiting for PPR, files just got moved to local visa office. We want to move as soon as possible once we get our visa stamped. So searching ahead for places to move. I am an architect but my partner is in IT. I really appreciate your helpful attitude among all these transitions. Will definitely notify you one month prior to leaving.


  8. Hi Alok,
    I am an MBA grad from one of top B schools in India having done MBA in Marketing. Currently working as Account Manager for one of the IT MNCs. Whenever I check for jobs forums where Canadian aspirants discuss, I see that IT jobs are what are discussed. Do you have any idea how marketing jobs fare for Indians?


    1. Hi SK, I am not aware much about marketing field related opportunities in Canada but based on my observations, following are my points. If you do a quick search of top Canadian companies, you’ll mostly find banks / insurance / utilities / oil & gas companies. In another search on, you’ll also find similar companies who have marketing related job opportunities. I am not sure what your background is but in these fields as well, my guess is that the companies would rather prefer candidates with deep understanding of local markets.

      One of my family friends was giving an example of a person who was an MBA from IIM A. He came to Canada about 10 yrs back, struggled for a lateral position for a long time then compromised for a lower position with one of an Oil & Gas companies.

      There are a lot of technology startups these days in Ontario and you may want to try you luck there. Your marketing background with IT experience could be a good match for them.


      1. Hi Alok,
        Thanks for your response and I really admire your willingness to help people.

        One more query that I’ve is-
        I’ve given IELTS and with all 7+ scores, I’ve a CRS score of 459 when applied as a family. I believe we should be able to clear the draw with this score in next 1.5-2 months when I enter into the pool. My wife has not given the IELTS yet and for application purposes I don’t see a need also yet as this score should suffice.

        What I would like to understand is if that’s fine? Or IELTS score is asked by prospective employers (IT banks,tech start-ups)/ networking associations/ internship / govt institutes?
        I just want to make sure that she has a strong technical profile and she shouldn’t be devoid of any opportunities because of non availability of IELTS score.
        And if you believe that IELTS should be given, what is the score she should plan for i.e the score that organizations generally keep as entry barrier.


        1. I did not come across any job opportunity or job interview where they asked for IELTS score. However, if any one of you would like to do any course or training from any college or university here, they would most probably ask for the IELTS or similar score. At that time, your wife can take a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) test where she’ll have to score 7 or higher which is quite easy to achieve. This is what my wife did when she was planning to do a course here


  9. Hey Alok, thanks for penning down these details. I have couple of questions, if you can help me out.

    1) We (couple) are earning close to 2 lakhs a month in India and are leaving a good life but scarcity of things like clean water availability, rising pollution levels, not so good medical facilities and a monotonous education system are few of things I really get worried about especially 20-30 years down the line in India. So, do you consider these as sufficient concerns while comparing the Canadian lifestyle?

    2) Cold in Canada is a concern I see a lot of people writing about it. I am from northern India and do face harsh winters at time but at the same time we do get a lot of SUN for so many months which is good for us. What is your personal experience about this and especially how do your kids responded to this? I have a 2 years old kid which I am worried about.

    Looking forward to see your thoughts/experiences on the above said points.



    1. 1) Let’s compare apple to apple. If you (couple) are confident to get a job (in 6 months) in Canada and earn so much that you can maintain the same life style as you have in India plus some savings then YES it makes sense to quit and move to Canada for the reasons you mentioned above. Otherwise you may have to regret later. I am aware of a few such cases wherein people waited for about a year and then went back. But such cases are very less

      2) In winters, most of the time you’ll spend indoors – at home / office or in car and because of centralized heating available, you won’t have to face extreme cold weather. You might be facing more trouble in north India during winters because even inside homes / offices you need thermals in India. There are only two problems which I see during winters here. The first one is snow which will stay every where except on the main roads (which gets cleaned). The second one is you’ll feel extreme cold when wind gusts are high which happens almost once every week. And these problems you’ll only face when you are walking – say from transit station to your office / home or when you are getting out of your car and entering some shopping center.

      I have two dogs and I take them for a walk twice a day on daily basis :). I enjoy all the seasons.


  10. Hi Alok, Thanks for sharing your experience and I would like to appreciate your effort to help the other immigrants.
    I have some queries and it will be really helpful for me if you suggest some solutions.

    1. I have started processing for PR in Canada. I am 40 years old with PhD degree in life Sciences and working as an Assistant Professor in a Central University in India for the last 7 Years. I have also two years postdoctoral research experience in USA. The NOC code of my profession is 4011 (University Professors and lecturers). My Job profile also matches with NOC code 2121 (Biologists and related scientists). Please suggest me whether my experience will be of any help to get a Job?

    2. Also suggest me the possibilities of getting a suitable job after landing and what are the preparations I should take to get a job.

    3. I have planned to move alone initially and once settle my wife will join me. Is this ok or we should move together?

    Thank you for you for your support.


    1. Hi Surajit, I can’t say much about your first two questions as I have no experience in that area but I am sure you might be aware that teaching profession in Canada is regulated and you’ll probably need an appropriate license.

      Regarding your third question, I believe that it doesn’t matter much whether you come alone or along-with your wife. if both of you (I assume that you don’t have any kid yet) are okay to start with a survival job say in a store for example, you should be okay. But if you have kid(s) and for some reason your wife would prefer to stay at home in the beginning, I would suggest that you should come alone first.

      Let me know if you have more questions


  11. Hello Alok,

    First and foremost, finding your blogs is liking discovering gold and thus I would thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and effort in answering the questions with minute details.

    Now w.r.t my background and crs, bare with me if I sound naive, I have a crs score of 432 and I am constantly checking the immigration news for Canada, hopefully the scores will come down I get an ITA. I have 6+ years of experience in IT (5 years with Oracle and DB2 Database administration) for the past 1.5 years I have been working on Cloud technologies AWS and Oracle.

    Coming to the questions:

    1) Can you share your views and thoughts on the DBA jobs in the Canadian IT market ?

    2) How hard it is to give interviews while working for part-time jobs, say Wal-mart Home depot etc ? Do most interviews, just like here in India, happen over skype/phone or we have to explicitly present ourselves in front of the employers?

    2.1) If this is the case, how feasible is being open to any location after landing in Canada ? feasibility question is specific to the travel within Canada say from Toronto to Vancouver or Halifax etc.

    3) I read a lot of news about Amazon’s new centers in Vancouver and Toronto. Firstly, do you think aspiring and aiming for big organisations straight away is too foolish on my part ? Secondly, does the recruitment process for such reputed companies too have a second thought on hiring newly moved immigrants ?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Thanks Ravi.

      1) As I mentioned in my blogs, don’t restrict yourself to only DBA requirements but rather check for all adjacent roles that you can do and prepare focused resumes in those 2-3 areas. I don’t think you’ll have to wait for long to get your first job but check in GTA and Vancouver areas.

      2) You may have to wait for sometime after applying to get the call for interview from companies like Wal-Mart or Home Depot but once you get the call, your chances are good. Each such big company has their recruitment staff in Toronto and they’ll schedule your interview in the store you have applied to. Once you go there, you’ll meet hiring manager and s/he will have a printout / booklet of standard questions and they are very generic. For example: Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a tough customer etc. You can search those questions on the web and be prepared with some examples to talk about. All the interview would be in-person. Such companies won’t entertain you if you are not physically present because they have a lot of other candidates who they can interview. It is not some skill that is rare.

      2.1) I assume this question is about relocation due to job in stores like Wal-mart or Home Depot. These stores short-list people who are local to the store and where you can commute. They won’t short-list you if you are not living in the same city. So, I suggest you that you have a local address and a phone number before applying to such job and apply only in the store that are near to your home address.

      3) Aspiring for companies like Amazon is perfectly fine and you can easily get the job also if you have prepared well for the interview. Amazon is hiring a lot these days in Canada. Their recruitment team mostly get in touch through LinkedIn (or Monster) so keep that updated. They might interview you remotely if you can demonstrate that you are in the process of moving to Canada. Amazon has about 5 rounds of interviews. The first two are phone interviews of one hour each. In first interview they’ll ask you some general questions based on the projects you have mentioned in your resume. There will be one design related question which they’ll time-box for 10 min. Without wasting anytime, you have to explain the high-level design of one of your projects over the phone with absolute clarity. If you did that well, you’ll get shortlisted for second round. For companies like Amazon, new immigrant / citizen doesn’t matter.


      1. Thank you Alok.
        I had another question about the duration of stay to get PRTD but I have read your other blogs for the answer (7-10 days).
        Thanks again


  12. Hi Alok,

    What is your thought about NOC 1122 (Non IT Business Analyst roles) in Canada.
    which regions you see a demand for such jobs and what could be the average salary for such roles…


  13. Hi Alok , The way you have wrote is amazing. Its a window for the new immigrants.. I am ready to land with my PR cards in hand in next 3-4 months (after the snow). It would be really great if you can help/advise with respect to only one concern I have : I am an ORACLE DBA since last 9 years in India and I am an PNP for Nova Scotia. Since past 1.5 years , I never saw a job posting asking for ORACLE DBA in Nova Scotia. Most of the jobs are for web developer , java developer , tester .. etc. I am not sure , where to apply and how to get started for getting interviews.. I have few plans , please comment if I am thinking the right way :

    1) Learn latest technologies like : Python , Tableau , Hadoop from online training while I am in India and change my resume accordingly as show experience in these new technologies even tough I haven’t worked in them. I heard , employers look for experience and they don’t hire people just having knowledge by completing any certifications / trainings.

    2) Can you suggest , any certifications which are high in demand and less people are available in Canada so that I can complete them in next 2-3 months and show that as my expertise.

    3) Look for Oracle DBA jobs in other province , but I am not sure whether I am allowed to do that as a PNP. There is no written rule for that.

    4) I found streams like UX designer/Front end developer/Testing pretty straight forward to learn and jump into compared to Big data technologies but I have never worked as developer , is learning them and completely changing my profile and resume a good idea ? I know it will have to write a resume for work which I have never done.

    Basically , I think I am looking to get into a new IT field which is slightly related to my oracle dba / developer experience + there are less people available for that IT skill + that IT skill / certification is in high demand currently.

    I think , I gave the answer , but it would be great if you can commend/help by answering my answering 🙂

    Totally confused (Job Scene) Friend..


    1. Please check your PNP requirements and it would be best if it allows you to move out of province. If so, move to GTA area and there you can surely get something matching with your skills. Regarding your questions:

      1) I don’t think just doing some online training and / or certifications will help because if your luck is not in favor, you won’t be able to crack the interviews. Tableau could be quick one to do and since it is a tool, knowing this might help somewhere. Regarding Python, you can learn the language a little bit but you won’t know the applications such as using data analytics libraries etc.

      2) Certification can work as an enabler or add on but it can’t help in getting a job.

      3) This is the right thing to do as a first step. Find out whether moving to other province is allowed. If there is a lock-in period say a couple of years then let me know and I’ll try to suggest something

      4) There are a lot of things you can do but first try to get the answer to your question 3

      Go step by step and focus on point 3 first and get the answer. We can connect again after that


      1. Hi Alok,

        Thanks a lot for the quick response.

        I checked out various forums and pages. The only convincing answer I found for Step 3 is :

        When you get a PNP , you have signed a intend to stay in that province. So once you land , go to your province , make all the efforts to settle down and if you fail or can find a reasonable reason for not staying in that particular province you can move out after a decent stay of 6-7 months. This is for Nova Scotia. I have heard for other provinces , they have tracked such cases and revoked PR.

        So , in worst case , I will have to stay there atleast 6-7 months , gather all the proofs of trying to find a job and settle down. This will not be required now , but at the time of citizenship.

        so , this is it. 🙂

        Please , if you can suggest a better way to work out a plan to keep another option than Oracle DBA and get a IT job in Nova Scotia. I have time and resource while I am still in India for next 3-4 months.

        Thanks again a lot for the help.



        1. So keeping the constraints you have in mind, the easiest and most productive things to do in my opinion are as follows:

          1) Get the training on Selenium (test automation tool) which is quite popular here
          2) If you are not familiar and hands on with software testing, learn everything about it
          3) Prepare yourself well with software testing interview questions and situation based questions
          4) 15 days before your landing date in Canada, start applying in stores – Wal-mart, Home Depot etc. Make sure that you apply to the stores which are closer to your place where you would be staying
          5) Book a place to stay well in advance and provide that local address in your resume
          6) Take a local phone no (as detailed in my blogs) and mention that in your resume
          7) One month before your landing date, start applying for the software testing jobs and in case you get a call while you are in India, tell the person that you are reaching on such date

          I am quite sure that this strategy would work. Good luck!!


          1. Thanks a lot Alok.

            I checked upon each point you mentioned and advised.

            If you are into IT development , I would like to know your view on this : I have worked all 9 years on completely technical end i.e database administration. I have never done any kind of development or testing. I have no domain knowledge as well.

            If I jump into selenium the way you suggested , would I be able to crack it at interviews at least.

            I am sure , it completely depends on my efforts but still I would like to hear from you.

            Thanks again.

            Best Regards,


            1. Software testing is something that you can learn easily. You can follow the following steps for best results:

              1) If your organization is CMMi certified, download all the software testing related templates of the process documents such as test plan and test case writing guidelines etc. Read all those documents in detail.

              2) Find a colleague / friend who is into testing and request him / her to provide some filled templates of above mentioned documents. Read those and discuss them in detail.

              3) Read a few software requirements documents and understand them thoroughly.

              4) Research online to find out how the test cases are written against the software requirements document.

              5) Then join some testing related course and make sure that you get some hands on exercises.

              6) Prepare yourself well for the interviews

              If you can follow this path diligently, I am sure that you would succeed.


  14. Hi Alok
    This is one amazing and helpful blog to help new immigrants to Canada. I am also planning to move to Canada. Can you please help me with below information:
    1. What’s your thought on job code NOC2171? Which province do you think has more opportunities for this job code? I am also open to learn skills and technologies and look for some other job if needed.
    2. There are thousands of consultants providing all positive information. Is there a way I can look for an ICCRC registered consultant or any way I can contact Canadian immigration lawyers? Though the process doesn’t need any consultant but I was a bit hesitant about any error in the documentation etc.


    1. Sorry Raminder for late reply as I missed your message somehow.

      1) For NOC2171, Ontario would be the best option to move to. Other place you can think of is Vancouver. Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta are okay in terms of opportunities. When you are closer to your moving date, we can talk about what new skills you should learn.

      2) I know one Canadian Immigration Lawyer who is also ICCRC registered I guess. But based on my friends’ experience, I would suggest that you complete your application on your own. But if you want the contact of the lawyer, I can provide you. Please let me know.


  15. Hi Alok,

    I am planning to land in Toronto in mid March. I am into IT with 4 years of experience in C#,BI ( SSIS, SSAS),PowerBI and Azure. What are my chances of getting a job in Toronto or for that matter else whare in Canada.



  16. People who have done B.COM in India with no job experience, What kind of jobs are available in Canada?

    Do they have to do any kind of course in India or Canada to get a job?


    1. Jobs such as Office Admin and Medical Office Assistant etc can be targeted after doing relevant courses of about 6 months. Other option is as a sales assistant / cashier at stores like Walmart / Home Depot and others. With the increase in minimum wages which are $15 per hour now, people can easily earn around $1500 – $2400 per month from one / multiple jobs. This is because generally stores like Walmart give about 20-25 hrs per week at max and therefore a person can opt to do more than one job to earn more money.


            1. The short-term courses are Medical Office Assistant and Office Admin. Other courses which are better paid are related to nursing such as Nurse Practitioner and then Registered Nurse. But these are long term courses and are generally overbooked. Other similar courses are related to paramedics such as Emergency Medical Responder. In Calgary, we have these courses in SAIT institute and I am sure that other locations too will have similar courses.


  17. Thanks for the reply (regarding QA jobs). I have few more questions

    1. To survive for 3 to 4 months how much money should I bring to Canada for a family of 2. Assuming that we will get survival jobs.

    2. Is there any requirement for Manual testing? I have checked job sites there are a few but wanted to confirm form you.

    3. When I land in Canada where should I land Alberta or GTA? Is it easy to travel form province to province to search job?

    4. Any other province where QA jobs are in demand?

    5. Also can we trust the job postings in various job sites? Are there so many requirements? Or they just post and fill the jobs from within the company.


    1. 1) Though you’ll spend less than $3500 per month, I would suggest to keep at least $20 – $25 K. You may not even get survival jobs for a couple of months unless you start applying just before leaving your home country.

      2) There are more jobs for manual testing than automated testing. But it is good to know a few automation testing tools

      3) Land wherever you are comfortable but remain open to travel for interviews and relocation. Highlight very clearly that you are open to move anywhere in Canada

      4) Do research on Indeed

      5) You’ll see a lot of postings but there could be a lot for the same job but from different vendors / consultants. By going through the job description, you can easily make out the duplicate ones.


        1. Manual testing is explicitly not mentioned in the requirements whereas automated testing is always mentioned. So if a requirement is not particular about automated testing, most probably that is a manual testing requirement


      1. Do we need resume to get survival jobs? Any Specific format is there?

        How to get survival jobs after landing in Canada?

        Do we need experience for survival jobs?


        1. Yes, you do need resume for any kind of job. Go through the job description and prepare a max two pages resume showing relevant experience. Even if you don’t have experience, you should be able to get a survival job. You should go through the career section of the websites of stores such as Walmart and Home Depot etc and apply there. This is the best way as mostly such companies select the resumes posted on their websites only.


  18. I have one more question.

    Name Difference in B.E Degree certificate and Passport will it cause any issue in PR?

    Name in B.E Degree certificate – Vijay (Same name will be in WES report. As same degree certificate will be submitted)

    Name in Passport – Vijay Ashok Kumar

    Will this cause any issue in PR process?

    – Name is Vijay Ashok Kumar in Aadhar, Driving License and Passport.
    – Name in PAN is Vijay. Should i change name in PAN?


  19. Regarding the resume format, I have searched in Indeed for Quality Analyst resume. Most of the resume looks same.

    1. Is it OK to use the same format?

    2. Should I use any Professional Resume service to customize the resume?

    3. Also regarding the Canada Local Phone number, Are there any other services other than Anveo?
    Wont the company know that I am using VoIP number?


    1. Hi, Kumar!
      I would like to answer your third question: I use FONGO WORLD EDITION (for Android) and no one has ever noted that it was a VoIP number, nor they suspected that I wasn’t in Canada until I told them.


        1. No, you don’t have any additional costs. And if you change your cell phone, it will install on your new one without additional cost (if you use the same google account on it).

          I have received many calls free of charge, and even made some calls (I don’t recall how long did they last) to landline numbers…


            1. As far as I know, no charges.
              This is info on their web-page:
              “Fongo’s Free Calling Cities cover 85% of Canada so you can call almost anywhere for free, anytime. Period. Plus, Fongo offers low worldwide rates with World Credits.”

              You can buy in-app Add-ons:
              – World Credits (for calls abroad)
              – Unlimited Canada Texting
              – Unlimited Global Texting
              – Remove Ads


    2. 1) The resume are partially shown to you on Indeed and therefore you can’t make out what format that is in. The first page should summarize about all your experience, tools & technologies you used. Also it should tell your education. The second page onward should be your project details.

      2) I wouldn’t suggest paying for resume customization. The main point you need to make sure is that your first page summary should be aligned with the requirement you are applying for. That means all the matching keywords should be present on your first page. Attaching a skill matrix is quite common in Canada. It is a table of two columns with the key requirements from job description on the first column and in the second column you need to explain the relevant experience. You should be able to download some format online. So while applying, you can attach a cover letter, skill matrix followed by your resume. This is the best approach.


    1. This is one of the ever green fields in IT even in Canada if economy is doing fairly well. The main requirements that employer look for are Manual & Automated testing, Selenium, Web / Mobile testing experience and understanding of Software Test Life Cycle. Focus on these in your resume and you should be good


      1. Thanks for the reply Alok.

        I have 9 years of experience in Software Testing mainly in Manual testing and Selenium experience is about 3 months. Will this experience help in Canada?

        Will my India experience count in Canada?


  20. Hi Alok,
    You are doing God’s work here. Thanks for helping out scores of people.

    Regarding my case, my sister is a Canadian Citizen and i have visited the country a few times and fell in love with it. She stays in Peterborough, in the outskirts of Toronto.

    I have 9+ years of experience in Software Testing (manual + automation). I am planning to join a 1 year diploma course on Businaess Aanlysis from a college in Montreal with internship opportunity.

    Do you recommend this? Also, is Business Analysis jobs in greater demand than Software QA jobs?

    Is Montreal a good place to start my journey? Which places have the most job density in the IT QA/Business analysis fields in Canada?

    I know it’s a lot of questions but a short answer would be very helpful.

    I am planning to Visit my sister this Nov/Dec and would like to meet up with you if possible as you seem to be such a nice guy!


    1. Thanks Amitav. Business Analysis would definitely be a good addition to your skill sets but make sure that you complete a popular certification as well after the course. Montreal is a good place in terms of opportunities in IT after GTA area but many people avoid going there because of language barrier. You can find QA / Business Analysis roles anywhere in Canada such as GTA / Montreal / AB / BC etc. You might also think of doing the course and certification in parallel to your QA job.
      I am in Calgary, AB and if you are planning to visit this side of Canada, we can definitely meet. Let me know if you have more questions


  21. HI Alok,

    Glad i found your answer on Quora and subsequently the link to this website.
    Im 36 old health professional with a masters degree in dentistry, married and have a 1 yr old baby, i plan to move to Canada next year, but im unsure about my future there initially so i will be applying for for MY PR initially. I plan to settle there in 6-8 months, then my wife and baby can join me.
    Now after 6-8 months –
    1) how can my wife and baby come to Canada. Do they have to apply for PR or can they come on tourist visa or can they come there as dependents. If they can come as dependents then what is the procedure and in how much time can they also apply for PR in canada.
    2) What do u suggest should i come with family or alone. Since my baby is small so my wife wont be able to work, so i think coming alone is a wise move.

    Thank you in advance.



    1. 1) Get the visa processing done for your entire family together and if you don’t, you’ll be asked a lot of questions from immigration office. Once you get the visa for your entire family, it is a single entry visa valid for 1 year after the date of your medical test. So you can come to Canada alone get your PR Card and after 6-8 months get your family before their visa expires
      2) In your case, it is better that you come alone first because you may face some initial struggle to get your first job. It would be good if you can find a whatsapp group of people who are in the same field and have already moved to Canada. They would be the better people to guide you.

      Good luck!!


  22. Dear sir,
    I am in the process of moving to Canada and im done with IELTS. Now I assume obtaining, degree transcript is the next step. Im in touch with few Immigration consultant but they are charging around 1.8 Lakh for single person and around 3 Lakh for family PR. That’s a huge amount, I wish to save it for Canada, and I have seen people applying directly through the Canadian portal. Is it easy to apply by yourself, without taking an agent assistance? Can you please enlighten the process briefly ?
    Also can u please let me know what is the difference between Federal nomination and state nomination ? I wish to move to Toronto/british Columbia areas as maximum job avenues are available there .
    Thank you & kind regards.


    1. Hi Virat, my suggestion always is don’t apply through consultants unless you are illiterate. This is what my friend Amit told me when I was applying and today I feel that he was right. Even my friends who preferred consultant route regret today as they did not see much value addition. Each and every information is available on the website. You just have to have some patience. I am not familiar with the express entry process as I had applied before that came into effect. I would suggest you to go through forum at and join some whatsapp group of people who are in the process of applying.
      Good Luck!!


  23. Hi sir,
    I am kunal and I am a sap consultant, I am 39 and despite getting highest score in IELTS and a master’s ECA my score is 428. My NOC is 2171. My consultant is saying I have a strong chance in pnp , can you please suggest if I should be hopeful of pnp nomination and also what is the job market for Sap SD (S4hana)consultants in canada


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