Sorry for my delayed post guys as I am writing again after about 8 months. It has been quite busy and I couldn’t find enough free time, which in a way is quite good in Canada, right? 🙂

My family (including my dog, Buddy) and I are enjoying beautiful place and awesome weather in Calgary. We enjoyed the company of my friend Bhushan (hope you remember him, if not, read my old blogs) when he came from US and stayed with us in the month of July this year for 3-4 days. We also made a trip back to India in Aug month to meet our parents and friends back home. Then in Sep month our old neighbor (in Bangalore) visited us for a couple of days. In the meantime, we got the possession of our shop (read old blogs if not aware) that we bought in a mall here. We got the interiors of my shop completed and it is open for the business now. My job contract ended yesterday and I am waiting for another contract which should start soon. So things were in a pretty good shape so far I would say.

Somewhere in my blogs I mentioned about my top three reasons to move to Canada but I missed writing about those. Here they are:

  1. Daughter’s Education: Though my daughter is good in studies, I didn’t want her to slog for years to prepare for competitive examinations to get into a good college post her 12th grade. I have been through this pain and didn’t want my daughter to go through that same pain again
  2. Early Retirement: I always wanted to earn fast and save enough so that I can retire as early as possible. What that actually means is by the time my daughter finishes her graduation and starts earning, I want to have sufficient funds in my and my wife’s account so that we all are financially independent.
  3. Live in Sparsely Populated Place Close To Nature & Wild Life: In Bangalore, I lived in a house away from the city. I used to go for lunch in my office too early or too late to void rush. I think that for the same reason, I decided to have only one child because I didn’t want too many people in my home as well :).

So, I always keep evaluating my decisions based on these three parameters and take calculated risks. Now I would like to explain how I am doing so far against each parameter.

  1. My daughter is doing IB Diploma and is in grade 11 this year. The school and teachers are good. The course is tough and sometimes she isn’t able to cope up. All I do is sit with her and do combined study. We try to go through and discuss the concepts in physics and mathematics together. Wherever we get stuck or need more clarifications, we watch YouTube videos for help. She has opted for Computer Science subject over Chemistry / Bio and she gets assignments to do coding in Java, which I feel is a really good start. I am not familiar with Java much but we are learning together. I am happy and satisfied with the way things are going on so far.
  2. I have started a similar business to the one I had in India before moving here. It has got a decent start and I am very hopeful that it’s going to do well. I’ll write more about it in the coming months and let you all know how it’s doing. So on this parameter too, I am satisfied so far.
  3. I am living in a neighborhood which is on the edge of the city. This area has so many walking trails between dense trees that I don’t think I have explored everything yet. Wherever I go, I just fall in love with the nature. My dog Buddy loves running in those mini forests and we get to see Deer, Moose, Coyote and Elk quite often. Rabbits are in abundance. There is a Bow river which flows through the city and that is one of our favorite places. What I explained is even less than 1% of the total scenic beauty of Canada. We have a lot to explore and that I would be doing soon.

So overall, I am pretty happy with my decision so far. If you would have noticed, which I just did, mostly I end my sentence with ‘so far’ because things do change quite rapidly here because of the small IT job market compared to Bangalore or US. As I suggested in my other blogs, keep about $50 K aside always because you never know when things start going bad.


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